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Preparing Breakrooms for Employees Returning to Work

10 Ideas for Micro Market Company Break Rooms During COVID Times

Employees are increasingly returning to work as stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19 are being lifted. Micro market hosts locations can take this opportunity to partner with their market operator to reintroduce their micro market break room to those employees. Having a great onsite company break room with fresh foods can encourage employees to stay on-site for meals and breaks. This can limit the chances of virus exposure compared to leaving the workplace for meals. Below are ten ideas for company break room micro markets best practices during this time.

  1. No-Touch Purchases
  2. Mobile App Use
  3. Floor Decals
  4. Market Signage
  5. Market Cleaning Logs
  6. Micro Markets vs. Vending- Which is Safer?
  7. Market Sanitation Communications
  8. Market Re-Grand Openings
  9. Communicating with Market Operators
  10. Employee Rewards Programs

No-Touch Purchases & Using the Mobile App

As employees return to work, it’s important to remember that they can make a purchase at the market without touching the kiosk screen. Simply scan items and then scan market member card or mobile app for payment. If users have not yet setup their mobile app, encourage them to download it. They can associate an existing member card with the app and transfer any existing balances. They can also create a new account right from their phone.

Floor Decals & Market Signage

Physical distancing is probably something you are already thinking about in your workplace and breakroom. Work with your market operator to use floor decals to make sure shoppers keep appropriate distance from one another.
You can also post market signage to remind employees to wash their hands before and after using the market, and to only touch items they intend to purchase.

Examples of social distancing floor decals for returning to work

Cleaning Logs & Sanitation Practices

With today’s heightened awareness of cleaning and sanitation across company locations, market hosts may want to partner with their operator to align on cleaning schedule and tracking. Some Avanti operators may be using specially-designed cooler handles to keep high-touch handles safe. Partner with your operator to employ correct cleaning techniques so equipment does not get damaged.
You can also keep a joint cleaning log so market users know when the market was cleaned and feel more confident using the service.

Considering Vending Instead?

There are differences between micro-markets and vending as it relates to consumer touch points. While products may be behind glass in a vending machine, making a purchase still requires touching the same control panel as everyone else, as well as reaching into the same dispensing slot. With micro-markets, foods can be picked up and purchased without touching the kiosk screen. So while the ‘open’ concept of a market may seem less safe, markets can actually be used in a very safe manner with limited touch points.

Market Re-Grand Openings

This may be the time to work with your market operator to host a ‘re-grand opening’. This will reacquaint your employees with the market and can be a great way to showcase no-touch purchase options and other safety measure you have put in place.

You can even work with your service provider to add credits to employee market accounts to encourage them to use the market and stay onsite instead of going out for meals and snacks and lending themselves to further exposure.

Communicating with your Market Operator

Communicating openly with your market operator about the steps you are each taking to maintain safety will go a long way in the strength of your relationship. Communicate openly about new policies or procedures at your workplace that may affect how the market drivers come on site to stock the market. Are there specific doors to use or traffic flow they need to follow? What times of day are they permitted inside? Proactive communication can help the market continue to be well-stocked to meet your employee needs.

Employee Rewards Programs

Work with your market operator to enact a new rewards program for your employees. You can use meal allowances, one-time use coupons, or product promotions to show appreciation to your employees and encourage them to use the market.
Employee coupons for returning to work

Reopening Breakroom Micro-Markets Safely for Employee Returning to Work

With health and safety at top of mind for everyone right now returning to the workplace, working with your market operator on some or all of these ideas can help maintain the confidence of your employees. They’ll want to know the steps you are taking to keep them safe and the ideas here can help you achieve that goal.

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