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Rewarding Your Employees

There are a myriad of ways to show your employees you appreciate them and their hard work. Many are working tirelessly and rewarding your employees with additional perks can be an easy way to say thank you.

While you may already have a rewards program in place, there are also options with a micro market that you may not have thought of. Employee perks in the form of food and snacks can go a long way to help boost morale.

Rewards in Micro Markets

If you have a micro market in your break room or office, initiating some perks may be easier than you think. In fact, if you work with your market operator, they will do most of the work!

Your market operator can help you implement any of these employee rewards programs quickly and easily.

Here are 3 easy ways to say ‘Thank You’ to Employees

  1. Meal Allowance Program- Keep employees fueled by setting up a Meal Allowance program with a daily or weekly allowance amount
  2. Coupons Program- Prove one-time use coupons with a value designated by you
  3. Promotions Program- Designate promotions or discounts on items in your market for an added perk for your staff

These opportunities can help boost convenience and productivity for your employees. They can stay on-site for food and drink options instead of needing to leave your facility. Also, providing easy access to healthy snacks can help with focus at work. Rewarding your employees can be a win-win for both them and your organization.

You can also use these perks if you are welcoming back employees who have been away from the office recently.


sandwich and salad for rewarding your employees

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