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Connecting with your Micro Market Operator

Did you know that while the name ‘Avanti Markets’ may appear on your kiosk or market equipment, we are not the ones who are stocking and servicing your market on a daily basis?

Local food service providers, known in the industry as ‘operators’, are each responsible for the markets they place in various locations, including the market you visit and use.

While the staff at Avanti Markets is always happy to help if you have comments or questions, we’d also like to provide you with some helpful resources when it comes connecting directly with your local Operator.

Four Ways to Connect with your Market Operator

1. Information in your market

Look around your market for contact information for your market Operator. Check on or near the kiosk, coolers or other market equipment.  Market operators should have their company name and contact information posted.

2. Ask your HR team

At least one person from within your organization is likely to have a direct line of communication with your market operator. You can ask them how you can get in touch.

3. Reach out to Avanti Markets customer service

Use this online form to tell us about your market location and our customer service team will happily connect you with your market operator.

Note: Our customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 6:30am- 3:00pm Pacific Time.  Due to volume of incoming requests, please allow for 1 business day to receive a response.

Other general inquiries can also be answered here.

4. Through

Login to your market card portal ( and use the ‘Feedback’ option under the ‘My Markets’ menu item. Your request should route directly to the service contact for your assigned market operator account.

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