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What is a Micro Market and Why Do You Need One?

Why a micro market might be right for your break room

What is a micro market?

Micro Markets have been around now for about 10 years. Many people have seen one or even used one without realizing what they were. Think of a micro market simply as unattended retail- not too much different than the self-checkout at your local grocery store. What is different, however, is the level of convenience these markets can bring to your employee break room or office buildings.

You may be relying on traditional vending to service your employee snacking needs. But did you know you have the option of offering an array of fresh and healthy products instead? Micro markets, with both refrigerated and frozen coolers, can offer salads, sandwiches, yogurts and frozen entrees. They also have drinks and snacks often found in traditional vending.

Here are four reasons you need a micro market:

  1. Local service providers restock the market regularly
  2. Shoppers can pick up and examine products before purchase
  3. Quick self-checkout with easy payment options
  4. Space for employees to connect and refuel
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Restocked Regularly

Markets are restocked regularly by the local food and beverage operator who manages the market. Market operators pay close attention to purchase preferences so they can provide the products most desired by the people shopping at the market.

Pick Up and Examine Products

With an open-environment setup, shoppers can pick up and examine products, read ingredients labels, and make informed purchase decisions. When they’ve made their selections, they can take their products to the kiosk, scan them and then pay with one of a variety of payment options.

Quick & Easy Self-Checkout

The kiosks accept cash, credit and debit cards. However, added benefits come with creating a member account, such as easy reload, simple scan to pay options, and the opportunity to earn loyalty points and rewards.

Convenient & Satisfying

Micro markets are all about convenience and satisfying consumer needs through a seamless unattended retail experience.

Micro markets can create a space for employees to connect, collaborate and refuel. And there is really no cost to an employer. Typically, the facility only needs to provide a designated space, power and an internet connection. The local food and beverage Operators provides the setup, installation, restocking and technology needed to make the micro market come to life.

Employers who set up a micro market in their employee break rooms can enjoy a variety of benefits including improved employee efficiency and enhanced company culture.

Get a micro market at your office

Here at Avanti Markets, we provide plenty of options to build a micro market that best suits both the employer and employee needs.

Discover more of our products and solutions now and how to get a micro market installed at your workplace.  We would be happy to schedule a time to share how a micro market can reinvent your break room.


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