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Is a micro market a good fit for your breakroom?

Top 4 factors to think about when considering a micro market

Micro markets continue to grow

The micro market industry continues to expand, with micro markets in 27,000+ break rooms and similar locations across the nation [Source: 2018 NAMA Industry Census].  Micro markets bring convenience service options to business break rooms as well as other secure locations.

Are you missing out by not providing a micro market as a perk for your employees? How do you know if a micro market is a good fit for you?

If you’re wondering how a micro market might fit into to your business location, here are some things to consider:

  1. Location
  2. Number of employees
  3. Need for foodservice
  4. Need for a gathering space

Read on to learn more about the details.


The first thing to ask yourself is whether you have the space to make a micro market work. While micro markets can be configured to fit almost any space, you still need room for a self-checkout kiosk and food racks and/or food and beverage coolers. A power source and internet connection also typically need to be accessible. But some micro market providers now use wireless solutions as well.

Number of Employees

Typically, a location that is accessible to at least 100 employees is most desirable.  This ensures that the investment by your local market provider, who would be operating and stocking the market, makes sense for everyone involved. However, if you don’t have that number of employees, there may still be options to explore.

Need for Foodservice

Is there a lack of quickly accessible food options nearby for your employees? Leaving the office for lunch or a coffee break can be a great way for employees to recharge and focus. But if you have to do that every day because there are no options in your building, that can be frustrating to both employees and businesses. Productivity is sure to suffer. It may even hurt you when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees. If that is the case, a micro market may offer a nice alternative for employees.

Need for a gathering space

Micro markets provide a nice gathering space for a quick ad hoc meeting, outside of typical conference rooms. A conversation over a snack can yield great results while simultaneously building camaraderie. If you create an inviting environment associated with your market, you will be surprised how often it is used for conversations that enhance relationships and trust among your team members.

Enjoying food in micro market

If you’re a business leader, HR manager, or an employee looking to help enhance the workplace, a micro market could be the answer.

You should contact a micro market provider, like Avanti Markets, to help evaluate whether a micro market is a good fit for you.


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