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Foodservice Is a ‘Can’t Miss’ Amenity for Tenants

Smart N Go Markets- The Foodservice Amenity Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Amenities Matter

Amenities like parking, green spaces, fitness centers and natural light can offer a lot of appeal for potential tenants in your buildings. Just as valuable, if not more so, is on-site foodservice. Consistently listed as a top desired amenity by tenants, offering food options in your facility is not something to be overlooked.

What are your options?

But, operating or hosting a café or full-scale cafeteria in your building can come with costs. It also presents a myriad of operational challenges- from space allocation, to staffing, to limited operating hours that fall short of when tenants and their employees are actually in the building.

Vending machines, while available at any time, can be unsightly and certainly can’t be relied upon for fresh and healthy options.

So, imagine being able to offer your tenants the convenience and benefit of fresh food options, all at no cost to you, at anytime of the day.

Smart N Go Markets

The new Smart N Go Markets help overcome these limitations. You can offer your tenants healthy and fresh foods like sandwiches or salads. You can also offer beverages and snacks, all without the need for staffing or checkout lines.

Users can touch products, read labels, experience broad product choices and use an array of payment options. All these benefits help elevate the Smart N Go beyond traditional vending and offer a viable solution for foodservice in your facility.

Variable size options for these markets allow you to place them in virtually any space. You may want a full market in your lobby and smaller scale solutions throughout your building. Once placed, your local market operator will take care of all the restocking and maintenance, ensuring the needs of your tenants are being met.

This high-tech shopping experience is just what you need to put your building a step ahead of the rest. Providing 24/7 access to fresh food, beverages, snacks, coffee and more, the Smart N Go is truly a revolutionary alternative to traditional vending.

Stay competitive with your amenities

This type of amenity is a must-have to keep your building competitive in the eyes of current and possible tenants. In-house foodservice allows office workers to stay within the building to grab breakfast, lunch or a snack. This can be a top priority for tenants as people are often pressed for time during the workday and it’s much more convenient to pop downstairs or into a common area to get something to eat instead of having to leave the facility.

Curious what makes the Smart N Go unique? Each market is equipped with secure, locked refrigerated and non-refrigerated bays. These coolers stock and display a large and diverse product mix. A shopper can unlock the door with any of several payment options and then explore products within the module they unlocked.

Using sensors to track products, their virtual shopping cart is automatically updated as items are picked up or put back. This allows users to browse and read labels and make informed purchase decisions.

If a user wants items from multiple bays, the process is easy. They simply close the door on the first and open the next with the same payment method. Their virtual cart will follow them and display on the screen so they can track their purchases. Once finished shopping, they simply need to shut the door and walk away, and the transaction will be finalized.

Seamless shopping = happy tenants

It’s a seamless shopping experience with no lines and no checkout. An experience that is sure to increase tenant satisfaction with the convenience alone.

If you’re looking for an innovative, secure food service amenity to enhance your multi-tenant building, then look no further than the Smart N Go from Avanti Markets. Not only will the clean and modern design make a bold statement in your facility, but you’ll also be providing convenient 24/7 access to healthy food options through a secure, high-tech shopping experience.

Swipe, grab and go. It’s really that simple.

Avanti Markets also offers amenity solutions for secure access locations, as well as the latest cutting-edge shopping experiences in unattended retail. To explore the array of market options, visit us at


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