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Smart N Go Markets featured in VendingMarketWatch

The convergence of vending and micro markets.

This blog post features excerpts from an article previously published on VendingMarketWatch.com titled, “The Convergence of Vending and Micro Markets” about the Smart N Go markets. Click here to read the full article on VendingMarketWatch.com. 

Joel Berman, head of sales and customer success at Avanti Markets recently spoke with VendingMarketWatch about the innovative new Smart N Go product line.  Here are some of the highlights:


What is a Smart N Go store?

Smart N Go is a new unattended retail option for micro market operators. It can expand market accessibility beyond traditional private business locations, and into more publicly accessible areas which may have higher vulnerability to theft.

Because of its modern modular format, it can be customized to fit almost any available size location. Furthermore, Smart N Go provides greater theft prevention features than a traditional self-checkout kiosk.   The Smart N Go features locked, refrigerated and non-refrigerated modules. They display beverages, snacks, microwavable items, sandwiches, salads and freshly brewed coffee and tea.   Customers swipe a payment card to open the doors. They are only charged for items they remove.


“Unlike traditional vending machines, customers can actually open the door and touch products or read labels”


Why is Smart N Go better?

Joel Berman is head of sales and customer success at Avanti and president of the Smart N Go division. He says that this product is designed to overcome the limitations of vending while providing consumers with a high-tech yet welcoming shopping experience. “Unlike traditional vending machines, customers can actually open the door and touch products or read labels,” Berman explained. “Leveraging infrared sensing technology, the Smart N Go system recognizes in real-time the products that a customer removes from a shelf and automatically adds those items to their shopping cart.”

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Tulane University uses Smart N Go by Avanti Markets for student dining.

Who uses Smart N Go?

Berman shares that customer facilities using Smart N Go modules include hospitals, colleges, multi-tenant buildings, hotels, airports and car dealerships among other locations. The customer experience is intuitive, fast and easy. First, a customer approaches the module and swipes their payment (credit, debit, member/mobile account or fingerprint) to pre-authorize access. “After a second or two, the lights brighten, a camera display comes on in the upper right corner of the module, and the customer can open the door and take out what they want,” he said. “If they pick up an item and decide they don’t want it, they can put it back. It will be removed from their cart. Finally, when done selecting items, they can simply shut the door and walk away. Upon shutting the door, the lights will dim and the door will lock.”

The Smart N Go is fully integrated with the Avanti Markets Software (AMS) platform. As a result, operators can to manage their Smart N Go with the same back-end tools and reporting they use to run their micro markets. This includes inventory management, dashboard and planogramming, account profitability and sales activity.

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